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Get ready to embark on a journey unlike any other.

Three years ago, in the midst of a crazy lockdown, MYAARR was born. But like any good story, ours hit a few bumps along the way. Fast forward to last year, and we were ready to give it another shot but as fate would have it, our domain had been taken by someone else. So, what did we do? We made a subtle alteration, turning a challenge into a symbol of our resilience. You see, MYAARR meant more to us than just a name, it symbolized authenticity, resilience, and the journey we were on. For three years, it had always been MYAARR, and we were determined to keep it that way.
Now our goal was simple, make something kickass, something unique, sustainable, and totally premium. We sat tight, waiting for the perfect moment to drop our collection bomb on you. From the chill vibes of Rishikesh to the hustle of Delhi and Mumbai, every stitch in our clothes has a story. But here’s the kicker, they’re not just clothes. Nope. Each piece is made by folks who need the work, bringing a whole lot of heart to the table.
And boy, did we hustle! From planning finances to sourcing fabrics to getting our hands on with some handcrafted work ourselves, we left no stone unturned. We even roped in our cousins and neighbours who were in need of work, giving them a chance to shine. But here’s the thing, we couldn’t have done it alone. Our parents, friends, mentors, they were our backbone. Without them, MYAARR wouldn’t be where it is today. It’s like they say in Hindi, ‘Log miltey gaye aur Karvaan banta gya’— People kept joining and the journey kept progressing. And that’s what MYAARR is all about—a symbol of connection, a mirror of your unique identity.
Our journey began in a small town, and MYAARR, the brainchild of two sisters with a vision, is ready to launch. With our dad's unwavering trust and mom's support, we both want all of you to be a part of it—it’s gonna be one hell of a ride—promise!
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